Thursday, September 29, 2005

just a little distraction for myself

today i woke up again with an insane longing of elek
and since i could no longer concentrate on work anymore i decided to write a little here. i was about to write something brilliant when i realized i actually didn't have any to say - sad, isn't it? then i remembered how most blog readers would more or less like to read something about blogger him/herself i shall do a brief introduction for myself -

the tagline probably explains quite a lot
i'm basically just another 16-year-old from a middle-class family in hong kong with parents who both had gone to high schools and universities in the states and canada, thus believe very strongly that it's the better way out since most hong kong schools suck. i hate to admit it but it's true. it's sad how i often used to have an urge to correct the hundreds of english grammatical mistakes my non-english teachers made in a single class. they were amazing people, but they should really teach in schools that don't claim themselves to be english ones like mine did. anyway, this was one of the main reasons i was sent all the way here to toronto, where i was born. my mom is an old girl of this school and it made perfect sense that i go here out of all other private girl schools in the district. i love reading blogs whenever i feel like slacking off or find my english teacher starting to bore herself. often i ran into pretty bad ones and thought to myself, "hey, this blog sucks. i can write much better." and so here i am. at the point you might say, "hey miss, you aren't that interesting either." it will be soon and i apologize.

anyway it's time for school in 7 minutes gotta go and brush my teeth.


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