Wednesday, September 28, 2005

like any corny book / blog would start off with, "this is the beginning of the end"

today i dialled to find my ex-european boyfriend who's already back in his european country
this time a middle-aged man, instead of a middle-aged woman, answered.

"haaallo?" he said.
"hello may i speak to (ex-boyfriend, from now on shall be referred to as Elek) please?"
"(3 minutes of non-stop european)"
"mmmm dooo youuu knoow e n g l i s h ?"
"yes. littooooo."
"is elek here?"
"heee's not heeere."
(excited) "oh do you know when he'll be back?"
"(european blahs) wrong nuuumberrrrr."

i have a dream, and that is to teach europeans with little knowledge in english that you can't tell people the person they are asking for "is not here" when they've got the wrong number in the first place.
that was also when i realized how stupid i was to think the number i was given would be real.
don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, this blog shall not only cover my stalking of my ex-european boyfriend but i just thought it'd be nice to give you a bad impression of me first since, it seems to me the current blog trend is to be a bitch, an asshole, or anything messed-up.


Blogger Russell said...

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2:17 PM  
Blogger Knut said...


you shouldn't be to sure that it was a wrong number. It's quite common in Germany (I Guess Elek ist German) to say "Wrong number" just because u don't understand english.

If you want to be sure you should try again...

So, hey! Good Luck! And continue your Blog!

Greets Knut

2:31 PM  

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