Friday, September 30, 2005

stop my obsession, somebody

a dialogue between a guy and a girl friend of mine:
guy: "do you know in average a guy thinks about sex every 6 seconds?"
girl: "wow, how do you even function?"
guy: "it's hard."

there was a fire drill right before lunch
it's literally the 6th since school started and school started on the 7th of september.
it was freezing outside and i wore nothing except for my uniform shirt, tie, skirt, mid-calf socks and shoes. it was so cold i could almost see my own breath.

breath. that was when i remembered the first time he smoke in front of me. on our first date we had i somehow brought up the fact that i didn't really like people that smoked.
"me, too." he said.
then the day he told me he was going back to hungary he took out a cigarette, lit it with his lighter from nowhere, and inhaled.
"since when do you smoke?"
he grinned and said, "2 months ago, maybe?"
of course it wasn't true. i knew he smoked pot, too.
i must admit while most people looked like trash smoking
he looked beautiful.

he's not "hot", "cute" or anything. he's beautiful.
and i hate to be cheesy like this but well nobody i know is reading this so whatever.
but, actually, there isn't really any point talking about him
when he doesn't want me, when he is avoiding me.
had i really been clingy?


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