Friday, September 30, 2005


it's early (7:50a.m.) in the morning and i'm up because i like to have a lot of time to get prepared before school starts. and i have two tests today.

since cornell (university) is my first choice i've been attending every seminar that mentions them. yesterday i went to a boy school for yet another one only to find out that all they've covered were things that i already knew after months of researching and visiting their website. tut-tut. that wasted 3 hours of my life! geees.

on a side note i wasn't the only one from my school that attended the seminar. there was this another chinese girl there. i don't really know her but at least i knew she was my grade, too. when i talked by and noticed her i was about to say a friendly lil' "hello" when she purposely turned away and pretended she didn't see me! that was so nice of her. in my guts i knew why she did that - she thought she was really different and superior to me because she grew up in toronto, didn't speak chinese (she's really proud of that) and was not a boarder. uh, okay. i can actually forsee the day she tries to bleach her face to look more caucasian and end up looking more like the surface of the moon because she's not bright enough to realize it's corrisive. it's sometimes quite sad to see these people acting so superficially and immaturely. i can't help but feel sorry for her parents because i can almost be sure that her parents don't speak that much english. she probably never talks to them because she thinks they're inferior to her, too. ah well. enough bitching.

last week this day elek was busy packing.
elek is actually not his real name but to cut a long story short i have a strong feeling the school's I.T. department traces the sites we visit so you never know who's reading your stuff. i don't want to get into any trouble thus all these made-up names.

ahora tengo que ir and estudiar para mi espanol prueba. adios!


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