Saturday, October 01, 2005

friday was my happy day

i demand you see this movie.
yesterday after taking a couple of grade 9s and a grade 10 out to yorkdale (i'm a student don) i went to have dinner with a couple of girl friends of mine. we then headed to yorkville to watch the movie "4o-year-old virgin". i have not laughed this hard watching a movie for 2 years. it's a raunchily good-natured movie. and the characters were all just lovable. after the movie one of my girl friends patted me on the back and said, "feelin' better?"

hell yeah!

yesterday was the best day i've ever had since the day he left (which, was excatly a week ago) - i shopped, i watched an amazingly funny movie and i GOT A BABYSITTING JOB! i'm getting paid $10 per hour. how great is that? there will be 3 kids to look after - a 10-year-old boy, a 7-year-old girl and a little 5-year-old boy. and in fact, i know i'm going to be paid more than promised because the family is really near to my school and families here in the neighbourhood are filthy rich. maybe i'll be able to afford all the shoes i've wanted myself. yay.

during the dinner my friends were sharing all their summer flings and the sex they'd had. that reminded me of the fling i had. he was bisexual but very attractive and funny. (see the dialogue in the previous entry - he was the "guy") he's from houston and we haven't talked once after the summer. okay back to what i really intended to say - can somebody define "hook-up"? it's such a vague term. it basically can mean kissing, having sex and everything in between. i kinda like using it because then i don't have to disclose really intimate details of the things i've done with flings.

elek didn't reply my email. we are really over.
nonetheless i still want to go to hungary. i've been doing so much research on it i don't want to waste all my effort. plus, it's always nice to go somewhere you've never been to.


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