Friday, October 07, 2005


seriously, who wrote Kaplan's "SAT subject test: chemistry?" if i ever get to find out who you are i'm gonna make you wear my "girls can do anything" t-shirt. i swear.

it's my fault i did not start studying until this morning despite the fact that i know less than 40% of what is covered in the chemistry and physics SAT tests. i bought the kaplan books 2 weeks ago but had always successfully found excuses not to do anything about the tests. hey, my ex-boyfriend left me for hungary 2 fridays ago, okay?

let's go back to what i intended to say in the first place. i was reading the chapter on "chemical equilibrium" in which there were 7 pages explaining the law of mass action, gas-phase equilibria, heterogenous equilibria, le chatlelier's principle, ionic quilibria and the solubility product constant. i panicked in the beginning because i literally have never learnt anything of those. reading the chapter word by word it took me 2 hours to understand what the theories and equations and calculations were and how to apply them to answering questions that will plausibly appear in the SAT. then i went on to do the review questions only to realize the only thing i need to know is, mm how should i put it okay i'll give you an example

AgCl (s) > Ag+ (aq) + Cl- (aq)

K (the solubility product constant) = [Ag+][Cl-]
and x (the concentration) =

forget it.

point is, i, an ordinary high school student, derived a single simple and neat little equation and had no problem with any questions on chemical equilibrium anymore. the reason people buy these SAT "higher score guaranteed" books is not because they are eager to spend weeks to learn how the french chemist henry louis de Chatelier discovered that a system at equilibrium to which a stress is applied tends to change so as to relieve the applied stress, Kaplan, people buy these unnecessarily expensive books because they want to score perfect 800s to get into top-friggin'-notch universities and get a med degree (B.Arch, in my case) fast and easy because they have better things to do with their lives. i'm going nuts i still have altogether 346 pages of unknown chemistry and physics topics to study and the SATs are 7 hours away.

i'm gonna show the world how stupid this standardized testing system is by getting 800s in spite of studying for them the day before. i really am.


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