Wednesday, October 12, 2005

things to be accomplished by September 2006

1. get into cornell, and major in architecture
2. have a 90+ overall average
3. weigh 105 lbs
4. have been to hungary in the summer
5. have a wardrobe of preppy (i.e. non-abercrombie / american eagle) polo shirts in every single colour, nice jeans in different washes, a lot of sexy underwear and nice-fitting t-shirts.
6. have a toned body
7. have a fabulous boyfriend (or, fling) who went to prom with me in april.
8. have saved $400+
9. have long and wavy hair
10. and if i didn't get into cornell, i'll at least end up in one of these:
- rice university
- washington u. at st. louis
- carnegie mellon
- university of notre dame
- mcgill
- waterloo....although i really hate its campus.


Blogger Pangus said...

Rice University is harder to get in than Cornell. That's why it has a nick name "Harvard of the south".

I am a Rice alumni originally from Hong Kong currently living in Toronto. Rice did not take too many DIRECT foreign students then (those had no US experience) .... and I wasn't, for I have 3 years of high school in US.

I knew Rice had rejected a 9A HKer about a decade ago.

Good luck!

8:57 PM  

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