Monday, October 03, 2005

what do you mean i don't date guys from hong kong?

lately i've been getting more and more evil glares from the hong kong gang.

hong kong gang (n.) - found in every boarding school in UK, US, Canada and Australia, a group of girls/guys (from hk) who hangs out with nobody but people within the group. Never speak english explained by their constant unawareness of their being in an english-speaking environment. some specialists claim the unawareness is possibly pathological. how they always manage to download the latest cantonese pop songs and play them inconsiderately and shamelessly in the hallways when they are inifinity miles away from hong kong is still a mystery to the world.

ever since elek was my boyfriend and i hung out with my current girl friends (who are not from hk) they've been calling me an "elitist who thinks anything hong kong is bad, bad, BAD". "scout thinks she's so much better than us because she hangs out with the americans." is their catchphrase. it's really unfair but i'm not going to justify that here. they also think me having (or, used to having) a caucasian boyfriend was me hinting my superiority. and that, i have to justify.

i love men and i never take ethnicity into account, as long as:

1. he's not skinnier and shorter than i am (i'm NOT fat)
2. he's confident and gets my occasional sarcasm;
3. he does not own a blog with a ditzy lil' anniversay countdown counter with cute lil' flowers;
4. he does not dress like this;
5. he speaks and understands english;
6. he does not play pop songs about heartbreaks and love 24/7;
7. he plays sports (although preferrably not table-tennis)
8. he spents less money on clothes than i do;
9. he reads books and romantic novels do not count;
10. he does not show off pictures of himself and girls with not as much make-up as he does and miraculously still is in the closet;

and it just happens that in hong kong 90% of guys in the age group of 17-24 don't fit my criteria. they are too good for me they deserve someone better.

i miss elek even more now.


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