Tuesday, October 04, 2005

you know you love my ramblings

scout -
you were clingy you were clingy you were clingy
men love the chase men love the chase men love the chase
nonetheless he was a jerk nontheless he was a jerk

the hardest part of getting over your ex is you constantly involuntarily remind yourself of all the sweetest things he's done for you, especially the ones way back in the beginning when you first met. and although you know so well that was then and now he longer likes/loves you you lie to yourself and make yourself believe he's totally in love with you but for some unspeakable reasons he's been not able to make even one phone call or write an email to you since he got back to hungary.

on a side note lately i've been talking a lot with a guy who too apparently will be my rebound boyfriend and i feel terribly guilty about it because i know too well what's gonna happen - we get together, date, me missing elek / not liking him enough to stay together, break-up, back to my miserable self.


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