Thursday, October 06, 2005

you may kindly ignore the previous entry

as soon as i was reminded by a long-distance phone call from my mom that my SAT subjects tests are 2 days away i was back to my normal mundane self. let's pretend nothing happened and scout is back living her spiritually unfulfilling life.

next wednesday is my school's "open house" day on which families interested in sending their daughters will come and visit. being an ambassador i am required to wear a school t-shirt that day with words "girls can do anything" printed across the chest and that, is the corniest crap i've ever seen. when the marketing director proudly grabbed the t-shirt and showed it to us ambassadors in a meeting i had to pinch my left thigh to keep myself from pointing at the woman and laughing my ass off. before the meeting ended i was sent to the school nurse to stop the bleeding from the wound on my thigh. this was something i would expect urban outfitters predictably selling in the men's department, something jerks would wear with a smugly smile on their face. i happen to not be a successful black talk-show hostress who's shed 100 lbs and owns a women's magazine starring herself on the cover of every single issue. i modestly doubt if i can pull that off.


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